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B.A., English and Drama, Queens College, City University of New York
M.A., English with a Writing Concentration, Sonoma State University

I earned my BA in English in 1974 in my hometown, New York, and I began and completed graduate work two decades later, at Sonoma State University as I desired to teach college writing. In between I traveled, living in Australia where I was a high school English and history teacher in Sydney. I moved to England to marry my English husband, and there I lived on the dairy farm where my husband was raised, and I grew to recognize that there is a world beyond big cities! Before returning to teaching in 2000, I worked as a legal assistant and raised two children with my spouse; during that period I wrote an environmental column for Sonoma West Times and News.  I have resided in Sebastopol since 1986 when we moved from San Francisco.

I  taught at the University of San Francisco from 2002-2016 where I primarily taught transfer students who had to meet stringent university level reading, writing and researching requirements as they transitioned from 2 year community colleges or previous 4 year institutions. I created a writing seminar for transfer students, Immigration Rhetoric, which focused on anti-immigration policies and attitudes in contrast to the idealized immigrant community.  I am passionate about the history of U.S. immigration and the "texts" (historical, personal, photographic, legal, cinematic, etc.) that reflect its complexity.

I strive to prove to my students that they all have the capacity to write eloquently and convincingly and that academic writing trains the mind for life beyond the classroom. And I am thrilled to be back at SRJC after a bit of a break!