Fall 2022

Section 2775 of ESL781
Transitional Reading/Writing/Grammar for NC ESL Students -- : Aug 16 - Dec 08 2022
Mandatory Zoom meetings will take place for each class session during the days/time(s) listed above. Your instructor will provide more details.

Summer 2022

Section 8511 of ESL716RW
Intermediate Non-Credit ESL Reading/Writing -- : Jun 14 - Jul 07 2022
This class requires Zoom meetings during the times listed above. More information will be provided by the instructor. If you have questions, please call the Southwest Center 707-527-4229.

Spring 2022

Section 5162 of ESL781
Transitional Reading/Writing/Grammar for NC ESL Students -- : Jan 19 - May 20 2022
Class meetings will take place on Zoom during the day(s)/time(s) listed. In addition to Zoom, students will be expected to complete independent classwork and homework. More details will be provided by the instructor. Registration for this class will be restricted on February 3, 2022.

Section 5832 of ESL724
Vocational English for Speakers of Other Languages -- : Jan 21 - May 20 2022
This section is linked with ADLTED 744, Section 4500. Students will automatically be enrolled in both sections. Students should be available to meet online for all the hours listed. The instructor will let you know which hours your class will meet.

No office hours

Bilingual Teaching Credential, Sonoma State Univ
TESL Certificate, Sonoma State Univ
MA Reading, Northeastern Illinois Univ
BA French, College of Wooster

El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.
Lic. Benito Juarez Garcia
Respect the rights of others, for that is peace.

Welcome! Please come to the first class with your textbook, ready to learn.