Fall 2019

Section 1485 of PHIL5
Critical Thinking/Writing -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2019
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Spring 2019

Section 5500 of PHIL3
Critical Thinking -- : Jan 15 - May 16 2019

Section 6100 of PHIL4
Introduction to Symbolic Logic -- : Jan 15 - May 16 2019

Academic Experience: 

Dr. Crowell completed an M.A. (1964) and a Ph.D.(1967) in Philosophy at the University of Washington. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California, at Santa Barabara (1962). He has taught classes at Santa Rosa Junior College since 1988. Before moving to Sonoma County, he was Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Nevada Reno (1972-73) and Assistant Professor at Washington State University (1966-72). He has taught philosophy courses at Sonoma State University, Truckee Meadows Community College and at the Universtiy of Washington

Professional Areas of Interest: 

His interests include Aristotle, Wittgenstein, Moral Philosophy, and recent analytic trends. Ted is a member of the North American Wittgenstein Society (See link below)

Presentations and Publications: 

"Bouwsma, Religious Language and Its Limits"  Pacific Division, American Philosophical Association, April 2012.

"Causal Explanation and Human Action" Mind, 1978
"Hare on Desire and Moral Reasoning" Theoria, 1974
"Art in Nevada" Published by State of Nevada Magazine 1985
"Economic Development for Nevada" State of Nevada Magazine 1986
"JTPA Title III Programs for Nevada" Published by Nevada State Employment Security, 1986
Editor, "Your Competitive Edge" Economic Newsletter Published by Nevada State Employment Security, 1985-87




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