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DAVID S WAXMAN is an award-winning independent television producer with 20 years of production experience, including 9 years at PBS in Sonoma County, California.

David is a 2001 graduate of Southern Illinois University___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ынЅ█А_К____Л____Ѕ█А_К__s highly regarded Radio-Television program; prior to moving to Northern California in 2005, he has also worked in Chicago and Milwaukee. His short film, ___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын___Б_Ѕ█__The Art of Movement,___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К___Е was honored with a Superfest International Film Festival ___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын___Б_Ѕ█__Merit Award___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К___Е in 2010.

Since 2014, David has been the owner and senior producer at Waxman.TV, collaborating with individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits to uncover and share stories, in order to create compelling multimedia stories that engage, entertain, and inform. David also volunteers as a Vice President for the Northern California Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He lives in Santa Rosa, where he also volunteers for a bird rescue and for disability advocacy organizations.