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MA -- Sonoma State University -- Special Education
BA -- University of California, Irvine -- Psychology

California Credentials & Certificates
-- Standard Secondary (Math, Social Studies)
-- Specialist: Learning Handicapped
-- Specialist: Severely Handicapped
-- Resource Specialist
I have officially retired but I hope to continue working part-time teaching some classes, working in our CSKLS Math Lab and substituting for other instructors as needed.

I grew up near downtown Santa Monica a few houses from the fire station and near the beach and the sound of fog horns. I used to collect bottles (2 cents each) at apartment construction sites and at the nearby Lincoln Park tennis courts. I took tennis lessons in 6th grade from Wimbleton Champions May Sutton Bundy and Dorothy 'Dodo' Cheney, and played tennis throughout high school (CIF Champs every year). I was a parking attendant at restaurants and discos in the 60's (best: the Raft in Topanga Beach). Through college and beyond, I worked as an electrician (lighting) at major movie studios (IATSE local 728) on such notable productions as Mission Impossible, Mannix, Hogan's Heroes, The Lucy Show, StarTrek, I Spy, Batman, Andy Griffith, Lassie and various movies. I also worked as a tennis pro teaching private lessons and running the junior tennis program at Riviera Tennis Club in Pacific Palisades.

I joined Peace Corps and was sent to Ghana, in West Africa, to work for the National Sports Council to develop a Davis Cup team. I ended up at Wesley Girls' School in Cape Coast teaching math (algebra to calculus) and initiating a junior tennis program (produced the country's #1, #2, and #3 women's champions). A family of drummers lived across the canyon from my back porch to help emphasize my African experience. Late at night among the sounds of the tropics I could often hear the waves pounding around Cape Coast Castle, one of the many locations along the West African Coast where slaves were brutally confined and loaded onto slave ships.

After Peace Corps, I completed credentials and a Master's Degree in Special Education at Sonoma State University. For 25 years I taught Kindergarten through 8th grade in Sebastopol, running special education programs, developing the first computer courses in Sonoma County, and teaching developmental through accelerated math courses. I was honored as Sonoma County Teacher of the Year in 1985.

I started working here at Santa Rosa Junior College in 1993 and have enjoyed teaching math classes in the College Skills Department ever since. I especially enjoy working in our computer math lab where I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with students.

When I can, I love to travel. I have friends throughout the country which motivates wonderful visits to places like Austin, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Hawaii, Florida, Portland, Washington, Vancouver,  and, of course, all of California. While body surfing or playing tennis with old friends are favorite pastimes, a tropical beach with good surf is my idea of paradise. I especially enjoy visiting distant lands and cultures and have great memories of times spent in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Cairo, Iran, Europe, Fiji, New Zealand, and many wonderful places in West Africa (Lome, Ougadougou, Bolgatanga, Kumasi, Abidjan, Busua Beach, ...).