Fall 2024

Section 0916 of ATHL1
Intercollegiate Physical Fitness -- : Aug 19 - Dec 13 2024
This section is recommended for varsity track & field athletes.

Spring 2024

Section 5618 of ATHL1
Intercollegiate Physical Fitness -- : Jan 02 - Apr 28 2024

No office hours

Boise State University BA - Multidisciplinary Studies *Sociology*

Santa Rosa Junior College  AA - *Social Science*

Passionate instructor with a demonstrated ability to guide student athletes academically and communicate knowledge of the specific sport through example, communication, integrity, and understanding. Successfully developing athletes to reach personal bests while fostering team building and cohesion. I’m a dedicated educator committed to effectively teaching real-world earning through exhibiting a love of learning, collaboration, listening and patience, while cultivating an engaged classroom.