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B.A.: Sonoma State University - Geography
MLS: Emporia State University, Kansas - Library Science
Teaching Credentials: Sonoma State Univeristy - English, Social Science,
Multiple Subject, Community College, Special Class
Authorization Credential - information literacy

National Board Certified Teacher Librarian


I look forward to meeting each of you in class.
For online students - I will meet you virtually!

Some of the topics we will cover in this course include:
I. Analysis of a research question
Understanding your research needs, how to develop a working research question and develop a thesis statement.

II. Finding information effectively and efficiently by using a variety of search techniques
Identifying primary vs secondary sources, locating resources and materials effectively and creatively, evaluating sources, identifying key concepts.

III. Accessing needed information in multiple publication formats
Locating needed items both in print and online.

IV. Evaluating the quality and relevance of information sources
Checking your sources for authority, bias, scope, purpose, audience, relevance, and context.

V. Identifying several ethical and legal issues related to the use of information
Using information ethically and responsibly giving credit to creators.

This course is very 'hands-on' and collaborative. Come to class ready to join in on some lively discussions and interesting things to think about - questions to ponder: how DO I usually write my essays for class? Am I a 'last minute-get-it-done-the-midnight-before-class' kind of student or do I space it out a bit? Can I ethically download that image for my class project? Is a Google search as effective as a SRJC search for info? Let's find out together.

Presentations and Publications

Co-developer of online learning tutorials for educators:
School Library Learning 2.0 []
Classroom Learning 2.0 []
Online learning tutorials for teens: Tools2Create

Co-producer of Circulate This!: Stories from the School Library.
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