Fall 2018

Section 0241 of HIST1.2
World History Since 1500 C.E. -- : Sep 13 - Dec 13 2018
The above section is a late start class.

Section 1041 of HIST30
African American History -- : Sep 13 - Dec 13 2018
The above section is part of the Umoja Program where students will receive strong support from faculty and peers. Students selecting this section are strongly encouraged to also enroll in ENGL 1A, #0758 OR ENGL 100, #1695 and/or COUN 10, #0263. This section is a late start class.

Spring 2018

Section 7182 of HIST21
Race, Ethnicity and Gender in American Culture -- : Jan 22 - May 14 2018

M.A., History, California State University Sacramento, 2011.
B.A., History, California State University Sacramento, 2006.

Academic Experience: 

Santa Rosa Junior College, Spring 2016- Present

Chabot College, Spring 2015- Present

Skyline College, Fall 2013- Present

Solano Community College, Spring 2013- Present

Evergreen Valley College, Spring 2012- Present

Christopher has been a history instructor at SRJC since Spring 2016. Christopher also works as a professor of history at other Bay Area community colleges including: Chabot College, Evergreen Valley College, Skyline College, and Solano Community College. Along with his academic instruction responsibilities, Christopher currently serves as the Distance Education Coordinator and Communities of Practice Leader at Skyline College. Previously, Christopher was an Accreditation Self Study Coordinator and an instructor for the UMOJA Learning Community at Solano Community College. 

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in History from California State University, Sacramento with a specialization in Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Early America. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State University San Francisco.


Professional Areas of Interest: 

African American History
African Colonization and Decolonization
California History
Early American History via Race, Gender, Sexuality
Latin America History
Nineteenth Century American History