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I am in different offices on different is the best way to contact me. 

A.S. Degree Chemistry SRJC 

B.S. Degree Sonoma State University

M.A. Degree Counseling Psychology University of San Francisco 

Certificate in Online Teaching  from LaVerne University

Currently working on Certified Career Counselor (CCC) credential through the National Career Development Association


I was born and raised in Sonoma County. I attended Healdsburg High School and the SRJC, finishing up at Sonoma State University. I really did not want to leave the area with my friends, family, and recreational activities.

I have loved this area always and was very active in the sport horse community while going to college. I went to shows and competed (at a low level but had so much fun) and learned so much about the care and training of these large animals. 

After college I was able to travel and see more of the world but never could find a place that felt like home....mostly because my family wasn't there...and really every other place was awesome but I could not see myself leaving Sonoma County. Though I was tempted by Greece...the people in Greece are spectacular!

When the economic crash of 2008 hit I decided to go back to school for my Masters in Counseling Psychology and applied to Sonoma State, but was not accepted into their program. I was working at a school at the time and a colleague recommended the University of San Francisco; I applied and was accepted. That was such good luck!

I am now working my dream job and still in Sonoma is good....I was able to visit Italy last year and while tempted by Rome I cannot see myself living anywhere else!

Work and Consulting Experience

Butte Community College; Athletics 

Mendocino Community College; Transfer Center

SRJC Community College; General, Veterans, and Transfer

Professional Areas of Interest

I am interested in Career Counseling and how students choose majors to study to further their career goals. I am curious and interested in the best way to support students in their search for a career. 


Honors and Awards

Courageous Leaders Academy 2022-2023