Spring 2018

Section 4549 of CUL250
Sanitation and Safety -- : Jan 19 - Mar 16 2018

Section 4559 of CUL253.6
Professional Cooking Basics -- : Apr 02 - May 22 2018

Section 4562 of CUL252.14
Fundamentals of Garde Manger -- : Jan 22 - Mar 26 2018

Fall 2017

Section 0525 of CUL253.6
Professional Cooking Basics -- : Aug 21 - Oct 17 2017

Section 0527 of CUL252.14
Fundamentals of Garde Manger -- : Oct 23 - Dec 11 2017

Section 1831 of CUL275.1
French Cuisine: Provence -- : Oct 24 - Dec 12 2017

Summer 2017

Section 8540 of CUL250.1
Culinary Arts Survey -- : Jun 19 - Aug 07 2017

Section 8765 of CUL250
Sanitation and Safety -- : Jun 19 - Aug 07 2017

Award-winning chef Christine Piccin credits her dad with inspiring her to try just about anything, once, and her mom with teaching her how to make the perfect pie crust. The first thing she remembers learning how to cook was crêpes, which still show up regularly on the table at her house.

 Christine cooked in white tabletop establishments for ten years (Hotel la Rose, Madrona Manor, Mixx).  As a chef, Christine has paired food and wine for many Sonoma Country wineries, and has written for various food and travel magazines. A confessed fanatique of la cuisine française, Christine’s past articles for FRANCE magazine have allowed her to taste her way through Cognac and help make Comté cheese in the French countryside.

Christine holds a B.A. in French from Sonoma State University. She is a past president of the Sonoma County Culinary Guild, and a Harvest Fair Sweepstakes Award winner, a competition she now helps judge. Training student-chefs in the Culinary Arts program at SRJC since 2006, Christine also teaches Wine 70, and “Why We Love Paris,” a food and travel class.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. --Doug Larson

Advice to young chefs; young people who love your art;
have courage, perseverance, always hope,
be sure of yourself, of your talent and your probity
and all will be well.