Spring 2023

Section 6338 of BIO10
Introduction to Principles of Biology -- : Jan 18 - May 17 2023

Section 7638 of BIO10
Introduction to Principles of Biology -- : Jan 18 - May 17 2023

Fall 2022

Section 2314 of BIO10
Introduction to Principles of Biology -- : Aug 15 - Dec 07 2022

No office hours

Please email me via the Canvas Inbox or at cgalt@santarosa.edu

FA22 (BIO10, Sec. 2314) (In person class meetings):

Monday/Wednesday: BIO 10 (Lecture), 12pm-1:20pm, PC 691 Call Building

Wednesday: BIO 10 (Lab), 2:00pm-4:45pm, PC 313 East Wing (& Ellis Auditorium)

Office hours: PC667 (in Faculty Offices, across from PC657, before lecture) & PC322 (East Wing, near our lab room, left of library, before and after lab)


11-11:45am, PC667 (Before Lectures)

1:20-1:50pm, PC667 (After Lectures)


11-11:45am, PC667 (Before Lectures)

1:20-1:50pm, 4:45-5:15, PC322 (Between lecture and lab, and after lab)

Our Canvas Page:canvas.santarosa.edu


BA, UC Santa Barbara, Mathematics (1965)
MS, University of Washington, Seattle, Zoology (1970)
PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, Zoology (1972)

Academic Experience

1972-1973, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

1973-2006, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, California State University, Long Beach

1975, 1976 (Summers), Visiting Adjunct Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle

2007-2021, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biological Sciences, Santa Rosa Junior College (Petaluma Campus)

After teaching marine biology, plankton biology, and general biology at California State University, Long Beach for 33 years, I retired to Petaluma in 2004. Since 2007, I've been teaching General Biology (BIO 10) at the Petaluma Campus of Santa Rosa Junior College and loving every minute of it! COVID-19 has brought challenges, and I am eager to return to the classroom on campus, but meanwhile we make the best of our remote learning during one more Zoomester.

Professional Areas of Interest

Marine Biology, Marine Zooplankton Biology/Ecology, Bioluminescence, General Biology

  • As of July 15, my FA22 BIO10 (Sec 2314) is now full and closed to new enrollments, including one on the official A&R Waitlist. All of those people will be admitted. See below for more info on adding, but your best bet to try to get in is to keep an eye on the BIO10 listing in the online Schedule of Classes, and if it says "waitlist" or "open", indicating one or more spaces, then rush to enroll.

  • We will take a maximum of 24 students in the Fall. Prior to start of class, some people will adjust their schedules and may drop BIO10, so spaces may open up. Otherwise get on my personal wait list (see below)
  • I can add more to the class ONLY if enrolled students fail to show up on the first day (Aug 15). I cannot give out add codes until then. PLEASE let me know if you are on my waitlist but no longer need to enroll.

The following information pertains to those wishing to add the class:

1) If you are on the official A&R roster OR waitlist, you WILL be admitted to the class on the first day (you MUST attend first day!)

2) You can try to add the class on your own from time to time, in case people drop before the class begins. THIS OFTEN WORKS! Check the online class schedule to see if there is space, or just try to enroll.

3) I CANNOT give out add codes until the first day of class, Monday, Aug 15, 2022, and then ONLY if enrolled students fail to show up.

4) However, if you would like to ADD the class, email me at cgalt@santarosa.edu and ask to be added to my personal wait list -- give me your name, best email, student ID (last four digits), and contact phone number. Also add something about your particular situation, study program, need, status at SRJC (class level), major, etc. Why do you need the class?

5) Usually, some people fail to show up on the first day, and I may be able to add 1-2 people from my personal wait-list, in the order that I receive your request. However, because of Covid restrictions, we cannot take more than 24 in the class.

6) Whether you are in the class or you want to add, you MUST attend the first class meeting on Monday, Aug 15, 2022, 12noon. This is an in-person class (as of July 17). IF enrolled students fail to show up, I can add students in the order I have received their requests OR by other criteria I deem significant. I will communicate with enrolled students frequently in early August, concerning tasks to do prior to class, etc. I will open our Canvas site in early August. NOTE: ENROLLED STUDENTS WHO DO NOT ATTEND FIRST DAY WILL BE DROPPED!!!

7) IF YOU WANT TO COME TO FIRST CLASS to ADD, you MUST EMAIL ME during the week before classes begin to re-confirm your interest.

8) Lab part of the class does meet the first week after our lecture, on Wednesday Aug 17 at 2:00pm. 

9) If you have questions, please email me at cgalt@santarosa.edu

  • Our Canvas web page is not yet open; I will open it  by early August, 2022.
  • Meanwhile, NOTE THIS: Our textbook is Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology (6th ed.) and it comes with a required access code for the textbook web site, MyLab and Mastering (Modified Mastering). IF you buy your textbook early, PLEASE wait until our Canvas site is open to register your access code for MyLab&Mastering!! DO NOT attempt to register your access code directly on the masteringbiology.com web site. You must do it from within our Canvas course site. More information in August.
  • Note, too, that if you buy your textbook online, used, or rental, it may not come with a valid access code. In that case you will have to buy one online (again, from within Canvas) for about $65. Take that into account for any purchase considerations.