Fall 2021

Section 2027 of KFIT5.1
Beginning Pilates Mat -- : Aug 16 - Dec 10 2021

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Intermediate Pilates Mat -- : Aug 16 - Dec 10 2021

Section 2110 of KFIT5
Introduction to Pilates Mat -- : Aug 16 - Dec 10 2021

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Teaching Aide -- : Aug 16 - Dec 10 2021

No office hours

Carrie Stillman- MA & PMA__хтх___М-CPT- holds an MA in Dance Education from CSU, Long Beach (2000), a BA in Dance from UC Santa Barbara (1992), and is a Certified Pilates Trainer (CPT) with the Pilates Method Alliance and PhysicalMind Institute. She has been teaching in the areas of Dance and Pilates fitness since 1994. The almost two decades of hands on teaching experience has given her the biggest education of all. In addition to her active work life of teaching both Pilates and Dance, she also continuously studies current practices in functional anatomy, exercise physiology, and the practical application of using Pilates for rehabilitation, conditioning, injury prevention, and functional movement reeducation. She draws from an eclectic blend of several holistic movement therapies and bodywork to devise an integrative, thorough, and appropriate personalized program for her clients. Besides owning and operating her own Pilates studio, Carrie has been an adjunct faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College since 2000 teaching Dance and Pilates (mat classes only) in the Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance Department, as well as choreographing for musicals in the Theatre Arts Department.
She has choreographed, danced, and co-directed for several dance companies, festivals, benefits, and studios in a variety of settings throughout Sonoma County and the Bay Area since 1992. Carrie finds great joy and fulfillment from teaching, choreographing, performing, and laughing, and is continuously striving to stay open, innovative, and present through movement expression and education, not letting the ego block conscious creativity. Her goal is to propel herself and her students into a positive state of being through dancing as a means of self-expression, fun, exercise, stress reduction, and community development.
Carrie specializes in both classical and contemporary Modern Dance techniques and choreographic approaches. She feels it is important to pay tribute to the legends of Modern Dance who paved the way for it to become a world recognized and respected dance form. At the same time, she values and is excited by innovation, and incorporates the styles and techniques of the contemporary Modern Dance artist (currently working in the field of dance) into her teachings.
Her style and artistry blends the past and the present. But most importantly, she always strives to be innovative, inspiring, unique, and entertaining with her creations. Whether it is athletic, grand, and humorous, or expressive, subtle, and dramatic, her passion for movement as a means of nonverbal communication is always at the forefront of her choreographic intent.

Please visit her Pilates studio website at www.mindfulmovementpilatestraining.com.