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PhD Philosophy, Univ. of Hawaii
MA ESL, Univ. of Hawaii
BA Philosophy, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM

Academic Experience


  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Contemporary Moral Issues/Ethics
  • World Religions/Comparative Religions
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Buddhism
  • Introduction to Epistemology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Environmental Philosophy

Skyline Community College, San Bruno
College of San Mateo
Chabot Community College, Hayward
Prince George's Comm. College, Maryland
Chaminde University, Honolulu, HI
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu

before teaching full-time at SRJC starting in 2001

Born and raised in Berkeley in the 60's . . . you can probably imagine what an incredible beginning that was. Berkeley during curfew to control the anti-war movement! Now do you get why I feel so strongly about political protest and protecting our freedom of dissent?

I did all of my graduate work at the University of Hawaii and gave birth to my daughter on Oahu. I was also transformed by living in Japan and Thailand for many months, and by a month in Sri Lanka, four months in India, and visits to Nepal, Israel, & Spain in 2014 while on sabbatical. Still, I'm a Californian to the core and feel very much at home in Sonoma County. I am committed to inspiring as many SRJC students as possible to fall in love with Asian philosophy, Buddhism, and spirituality and to see the value of life-long learning, and I try to nudge students to question this culture's numbing corporate agenda.

Work and Consulting Experience

I have been an instructor at SRJC since Fall 2001.  Before that I taught Philosophy in the SF Bay Area at Skyline, San Mateo Comm. College, Chabot, and before that at several community colleges on Oahu.

Professional Areas of Interest

We engage in activities that destroy natural systems / the earth / our environment because we have to, in order to keep pace with the modern world, with the demands of our professions.
But why do we want to do that?
Why do we want to be part of a race to destruction? Why do we want to be professional, if it destroys the earth?
If you and I are losers in that race, would it be so bad?

I urge students to follow your heart, find what you love to learn & do, stand up for what you believe, and let the professional question take a back seat to your inner spiritual directive.

Professional Involvement and Community Service

For several years, I served as co-chair of SRJC's Institute for Environmental Education (IEE) Committee. IEE's mission was to advocate and organize for sustainability and environmental awareness campus-wide as well as in the community. I am dedicated to environmental activism in many forms and am involved in sustainability efforts at all three levels: county, state, & nationally.  I also served on IEPC (Integrated Environmental Planning Committee). I also served on the District Facilities Planning Committee and participated in the Facilities Master Plan associated with Measure H. At end of Spring 2017, our new committee, the Sustainability Committee, became fully functioning, taking the place of the previous IE-committees.  Please join us! We need everyone's involvement. Help us build a CULTURE of SUSTAINABILITY at SRJC.

I also served on the Religious Studies Committee and contribute to the development of SRJC's Religious Studies Program, under the leadership of Eric Thompson.

I am often late. If your schedule is tight and you need me to be available for you on time, please make this clear. When I roll into morning/pre-class office hour 10 minutes late to find a student waiting for me, I hate myself, so please help me NOT waste your precious time! Lmk when you will come to see me ! <3