Fall 2024

Section 0326 of PSYCH4
Child and Adolescent Psychology -- : Aug 22 - Dec 13 2024
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Section 1933 of PSYCH56
Aging, Dying and Death -- : Sep 16 - Dec 13 2024
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Summer 2024

Section 8019 of PSYCH7
Theories of Personality -- : Jun 17 - Jul 28 2024
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Spring 2024

Section 5986 of PSYCH1A
General Psychology -- : Jan 16 - May 16 2024

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Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Sonoma State University: Class of 2003.

Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, Marriage Family Therapy Track, Saybrook Graduate School: Class of 2006.

Doctorate of Philosophy, Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School: Class of 2015.

Academic Experience

General Psychology
Introductory Research Methods
Child & Adolescent Psychology
Humanistic Psychology & Film

Welcome to my homepage! I hope you find it informative. A little bit about me? I am a Native of California, born and raised in Southern California and living in Marin County since 1995. I am a parent of two teenagers and two cats. I love nature, gardening, swimming, all art forms, and good philosophy. I am happy to live in the bay area, and hope to stay here until my last days.

Professional Areas of Interest

My primary interest is Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy, which emphasizes meta-awareness of intra and interpersonal relationships via consciousness building treatments that focus on the whole person as they exist in the "here and now." I also integrate Somatic Experiencing practices into my work with highly traumatized individuals.

In addition to my clinical treatment orientation, I have a special interest in the arts. I am especially interested in poetic language, and am also interested in shamanistic dance. It is my belief that arts based modalities provide people with a "here and now" experience because they are experiential in nature, engage senses that are otherwise neglected via standard language, and create a safe, metaphorical space for people to express their growth areas and challenges with depth.

Professional Involvement and Community Service

Former Board Member for Family Connections, Santa Rosa, CA.

Current Board Member of Existential Humanistic Institute. www.ehinstitute.org

Presentations and Publications


Blogger for New Existentialists

Dissertation on Proquest: "Disciplined Poetry Practice & Its Effects on Presence: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study" (2015).

Contributed three poems to Editors Dr. Louis Hoffman & Dr. Michael Moat's collection, "Capturing Shadows: Poetic Encounters Along the Path of Grief and Loss" (2015).

Contributed five poems to Editors Dr. Louis Hoffman & Dr. Nathaniel Granger's collection, "Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives About Multiculturalism and Diversity" (2014).

Contributed a chapter to Dr. Kirk Schneider's book, "Awakening to Awe: Personal
Stories of Profound Transformation" (2009).


Burning Man, Carnival of Mirrors, Black Rock City, NV
Presented on dissertation research on disciplined poetry practice & its effects on presence followed by a poetry reading. 8-9/15

Existential Humanistic institute 7th Annual Conference San Francisco, CA
Co-Presented with former Division 32 President, Dr. Ilene Serlin, and Dr. Sarah Kass
a workshop titled: The Art of Embodiment. 11/15/13

APA: Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference Santa Barbara, CA
Co-Presented with Division 32 President, Louis Hoffman, and Michael Moats, MFT 2/28/13
a workshop titled: The Use of Poetry to Enhance Psychotherapy.

California Association for Marriage Family Therapists: Marin County Chapter Corte Madera, CA
Presentation was titled Existential-Humanistic Therapy: Relationship & Meaning. 3/8/13

Existential Humanistic Institute Annual Conference San Francisco, CA
Co-presented with Former Editor of Journal of Humanistic Psychology & published 11/17/12
poet, Tom Greening.

Existential Humanistic Institute Annual Conferences San Francisco, CA
Co-presented with Sonja Saltman a workshop titled Towards a Common Goal: Creativity 11/09, 11/11, in Motion 11/12

American Psychological Association Convention New Orleans, LA
Wrote and chaired proposal entitled Bridging the Gap Between Humanistic and 08/06
Mainstream Psychology: An Integrative Approach/ Poster presentation with
Division 32 under the segment titled Frontiers of Research in Humanistic Psychology.

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center San Francisco, CA
Presented on Council of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology Early Career 06/06

Network for Spiritual Progressives Conference Berkeley, CA
Participated in building a political platform for the advocacy of integrating spiritual 07/05
elements into the publicly funded educational system Collaborative presentation of
political platform to local State Representative Lynn Woolsey and conference attendees.

California Head Start Association Conference San Francisco, CA
Presented a case vignette of a child experiencing homelessness and his progress in my 01/04
classroom over an extensive time frame. The presentation was intended to illustrate the
success of collaborative program design between Head Start and Homeward Bound.

Honors and Awards

Nominated for Outstanding Dissertation: "Disciplined Poetry Practice & Its Effects on Presence: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study."

Recipient of the 2010 Rollo May Scholarship for essay: " Poetic Existence: Words That Help Us Live."

Was named one of top twenty Early Childhood Education Teachers in Marin County by MarinCares Program.