Fall 2019

Section 1769 of AJ203A
Ranger Academy Orientation -- : Aug 19 - Aug 20 2019

Section 1782 of AJ203B
Ranger Academy -- : Aug 21 - Dec 13 2019

Section 2630 of AJ715
AJ Special Topics -- : Aug 19 - Dec 05 2019
The above section is an IP Course from Summer. This section is for MPA.

Section 2631 of AJ715
AJ Special Topics -- : Aug 19 - Dec 13 2019
This section is for Ranger Academy.

Spring 2019

Section 5206 of AJ715
AJ Special Topics -- : Jan 08 - Apr 26 2019
The above section is for Ranger students.

Section 6043 of AJ203A
Ranger Academy Orientation -- : Jan 07 - Jan 08 2019

Section 6610 of AJ203B
Ranger Academy -- : Jan 09 - May 10 2019
The above section provides Basic Law Enforcement training accredited by the Federal Government to certify graduates for employment in National Parks and/or Regional and County parks.

plus multiple national and international training awards. Brian resides in Petaluma.

Brian joined SRJC in 2011 after a 28-year career in the US Coast Guard (USCG). He brings extensive experience in training and education built on a strong foundation of operational safety, security and protection of natural resources.

During his career Brian was a law enforcement officer, instructor, administrator and ship captain, and graduated many professional schools including the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco GA. From 2004-2008 Brian served as Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard__s Two Rock Training Center in Sonoma County CA. In his final assignment Brian managed all USCG training nationwide.

Brian has a BS in Engineering from the USCG Academy in Connecticut and an MS in Education (Instructional Systems) from Indiana University. He twice earned the military Legion of Merit"