Fall 2019

Section 0497 of ESL300GR
English as a Second Language College Level Grammar Review -- : Aug 22 - Dec 12 2019
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Section 0739 of ESL716CP
Intermediate Non-Credit ESL Conversation/Pronunciation -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019

Section 3117 of ESL100
College Reading and Writing for ESL Students -- : Aug 20 - Dec 12 2019
The above section is linked to ESL 300GR, section 0497. Students will automatically be enrolled in both sections.

Like the life of a cat, I have lived several lives, maybe not nine, but more than I care to count. The most important one is as a mother to Ryan, Dennis and Stacy. Ryan has blessed me with two lovely grandchildren, Hanna and Ginger.

Our family moved to Sonoma County in 1969 when my husband decided working for the military/industrial complex didn't fit for him. We gathered our belongings and trekked up the hill to our new home, a platform in the redwoods, until numbers of Stanford graduate students helped us build our geodesic dome.

My career here in Sonoma County began as a nursery school teacher in Forestville, and led to graduate school years later in Psychology, to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. After thirty years in that profession, and a family grown, I retuned to Monterey Institute fo International Studies (MIIS) to obtain an M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

From MIIS I traveled and taught English for Law to judges and lawyers in Romania. I had had enough experience as a mediator working with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Steering Committee of the Sonoma County Bar Association to teach English though content-based instruction in mediation. I also taught Business English in Italy and Teacher Training in Mexico.

My richest experience in my profession has been to combine group work I had learned as a therapist with class work as a teacher here at Santa Rosa Junior College. I have been a member of the adjunct faculty now for almost ten years.

I also write, have published two children's books and several travel stories. An honorable mention was awarded to me for my story,"A Station on the Way," describing my experience in Italy. Traveler's Tales published the story in their book, "Best Women's Travel Writing 2009.