Spring 2022

Section 4132 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Jan 19 - May 25 2022
Class focuses on living healthy through mindfulness.

Section 5692 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Jan 25 - May 24 2022
Class focuses on healthy living through mindfulness.

Fall 2021

Section 0709 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Aug 18 - Dec 15 2021
Class focuses on healthy living through mindfulness.

Section 2975 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Aug 17 - Dec 14 2021
Class focuses on living healthy through mindfulness.

Summer 2021

Section 8075 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Jun 16 - Aug 04 2021
Class focuses on healthy living through mindfulness.

Section 8593 of OA505
Discussion Group -- : Jun 15 - Aug 03 2021
Class focuses on living healthy through mindfullness.

No office hours

I teach a mindfulness class  using Zoom technology on Tuesday afternoons starting at 1 pm and Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am.

Living in a state mindfulness requires focus and patience. It's not always easy to do as we can get swept up in our emotions with fear and regrets.  Fear is future thinking and regrets are past thinking.  When fully living in each moment, our mind and heart can be clear to focus on what we are feeling in the now moment and be gentle with ourselves.

In this class, we will experience different types of meditation and have focused discussion on topics meant for elders. Connecting with one another and sharing our stories is a wonderful way to enhance our lives and make new friends even through Zoom.

I'm happy to help with your Zoom connection prior to class.  Or the IT department is willing to help any registered student who needs assistance. They even loan out laptops. Please contact the IT Help Desk at (707) 524-1765.





Bachelor of Science Degree, Iowa State University

GIS coursework at Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University

I've attended many meditation silent retreats and trainings over the years. I've meditated with Buddhist monks in Bhutan and attended silent retreats at Spirit Rock in Woodacre, Marin County.

Academic Experience

I have taught a class called "Healthy Living through Mindfulness" for the Older Adults Program since 2017.

I have been a meditation instructor for Community Education since 2013.

I was an instructor for the Introductory and Advanced GIS courses in the Applied Technology Department at the Santa Rosa Junior College from 1998 to 2013.

Practicing daily meditating for over 30 years, I have experienced amazing physical and mental health benefits. When I meditate on a daily basis, I feel calm and grounded with more control in my emotional life. Often inspirations and insights come to me during meditation. Meditation helps me focus and maintain balance in my life. I like to vary my practice from sitting in silence to repeating a mantra to using music or sounds. I have led meditation in various settings and I enjoy teaching others about the practice and its benefits because it has been so valuable in my life. I have developed and taught many meditation classes for different groups and in different settings. I lead meditation on a volunteer basis to give back to my community. I have been to many silent retreats and meditation trainings.

I retired from the City of Santa Rosa in 2011. During my 29 year career, I worked in three departments, Public Works, Utilities and Community Development. In those last two years at the City of Santa Rosa, I worked in the Public Works department designing sewer and water replacement projects using AutoCAD Civil 3D. The twelve years of experience checking development related Improvement Plans prepared me for design.

The job I loved the most while working for the City of Santa Rosa was doing GIS Mapping for Community Development Department. One of my proudest achievements was to assist in the development of the interactive GIS website. I created many layers that are still being used today to provide time saving information. That website is used to look up historic properties, control monuments, easements, land use, zoning, and proposed development. Using GIS allows for spatial analysis of historic, current and strategic planning projects.

How to register:

  • NEW STUDENT SIGNUP online https://older-adults.santarosa.edu/join-class per the listed Section numbers above. Allow 7-10 days for processing.
  • CONTINUING/RETURNING STUDENTS WITH A STUDENT PORTAL see the OA 505 Discussion Group; Section Number and ADD to your shopping cart. You will be added to that roster.
  • You may contact the Older Adults Program at (707) 527-4533 for more information or the Instructor, Bette Smith 707-235-9003.