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Summer 2020

Section 8327 of BIO10
Introduction to Principles of Biology -- : Jun 15 - Aug 09 2020
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Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2016
UC Santa Barbara

B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2007
UC Davis

B.S. Anthropology, 2007
UC Davis

Presentations and Publications: 

Erickson, B.J., Hess, N., Weissert, C., Staples, N.C., Ravenko, I., Finkelstein, R.R., Cooper, J.B.
PRPs localized to the middle lamellae are required for cortical tissue integrity in Medicago
truncatula roots. (in prep)

Lynch, T., Erickson, B.J., Miller, D.R., Finkelstein, R.R. ABI5-binding proteins (AFPs) interact with
chromatin modifiers and alter transcription of ABA-induced genes. Plant Molecular Biology. (2017)
93(4-5): 403-418

Lynch, T., Erickson, B.J., Finkelstein, R.R. Direct interactions of ABA-insensitive (ABI)-clade protein
phosphatase (PP) 2Cs with calcium-dependent protein kinases and ABA response element binding
bZIPs may contribute to turning off ABA response. Plant Molecular Biology. (2012) 80(6): 647-658

Kanthaswamy, S., Kou, A., Satkoski, J., Penedo, M.C., Ward, T., Ng, J., Gill, L., Lerche, N.W.,
Erickson, B.J., Smith, D.G. Genetic characterization of specific pathogen-free rhesus macaque
(Macaca mulatta) populations at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC).
American Journal of Primatology. (2010) 72:587- 599

Smalling, B.B., Satkoski, J.A., Tom, B.K., Szeto, W.Y., Erickson, B.J., Spear, T.F., Smith, D.G.,
Budowle, B., Webb, K.M., Allard, M., Kanthaswamy, S. The significance of regional and mixed
breed canine mtDNA databases in forensic science. Bentham Open – Open Forensic Science
Journal. (2010) 3:22-32

Kanthaswamy, S., Tom, B.K., Mattila, A., Johnston, E., Dayton, M., Kinaga, J., Erickson, B.J.,
Halverson, J., Fanton, D., Denise, S., Kou, A., Malladi, V., Satkoski, J., Budowle, B., Smith, D.G.,
Koskinen, M.T. Canine population data generated from a multi-plex STR kit for use in forensic
casework. Journal of Forensic Sciences. (2009) 54:829-840

Kanthaswamy, S., Satkoski, J., George, D., Kou, A., Erickson, B.J., Smith, D.G. Interspecies
hybridization and the stratification of nuclear genetic variation of rhesus (Macaca mulatta) and longtailed
macaques (Macaca fascicularis). International Journal of Primatology. (2008) 29:1295–1311

Honors and Awards: 

Amgen Fellowship, 2009
Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
University of California, Santa Barbara

Courtenay W. Anderson Chemistry Scholarship, 2005
Department of Chemistry
Santa Rosa Junior College