Spring 2021

Section 5665 of SPAN1
Elementary Spanish-Part 1 -- : Jan 21 - May 20 2021
Mandatory Availability for Zoom meetings: The instructor will schedule at least, an hour-long live Zoom meeting within the days/times listed above. Students are expected to make themselves available online with a functioning Internet, mic, and/or camera for the duration of the live session. More details will be provided in the syllabus distributed by the instructor.

Fall 2020

Section 4480 of SPAN1
Elementary Spanish-Part 1 -- : Aug 17 - Dec 09 2020
Students should be available to meet online for all of the hours listed for each section. The instructor will let you know which hours your class will meet (3 or 4 depending on the number of units) per week.

BS, Nutritional Science, UC Berkeley
MA, Spanish Language and Cultures, University of Salamanca, Spain
Universidad de Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
California Multiple Subject Credential, Bilingual (Spanish, BCLAD)
California Single Subject Credential, Spanish
Bienvenidos / Welcome to my homepage.

Congratulations on your interest in becoming fluent in Spanish. Bilingualism can add many wonderful opportunities to your adult life - it has for me: friendships, family, work, romance, travel, culture, literature, food, exploration....

I first learned Spanish in the classroom. When I moved to California I became friends with my Mexican neighbors, and then speaking Spanish became a very useful skill! I have visited their hometown in central Mexico many times with my own family.

I had the pleasure of living in the historic and beautiful city of Guanajuato, Mexico with my daughter. I wrote my Master's thesis while she went off to fourth grade and became quite fluent. I have traveled extensively in the Americas and in Spain. I am planning to ride my bicycle the length of South America.

I enjoy teaching, especially making a personal connection with my students. I strive to make my Spanish class active, fun, creative and relevant. As a Spanish teacher I get to weave language and culture together and help my students on their path to fluency. I look forward to being your teacher.
Honors and Awards
Educator of the Year, North Coast Bilingual Consortium, 2004
Jack London Award for Academic Excellence, Sonoma State University, 2005