Spring 2019

Section 4730 of CS61.11A
Microsoft Excel, Part 1 -- : Jan 18 - Mar 15 2019
The above section is taught using MS Excel 2013 for Windows. Mac is not supported.

Fall 2018

Section 1968 of CS5
Computer Literacy -- : Aug 22 - Dec 12 2018

I received my Master's of Science in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco and am currently, conducting a required study for completion of my dissertation in Information Science, at Nova Southeastern University. Many people ask if Information Science is the same a Library Science. No, but there are some similarities. Information Science studies the Internet as semantic information library.

Coming from an apparel industry background, the intersection of apparel retailing with the science of information (search engines) makes my research very near and dear to me. I bring this unique and diverse experiential perspective to the classroom. I have taught online for 13 years and currently own and manage two 'pure-play'; i.e. entirely online businesses.