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EDUCATION: BA in Philosophy, University of California Berkeley, 2002
MA in Philosophy, San Francisco State University, 2004

MA THESIS: The Concept and Practices of the Self:
Fanon___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ынЅ█А_К____Л____Ѕ█А_К__s Problematic and Foucault___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ынЅ█А_К____Л____Ѕ█А_К__s Techniques of Self, 2004
Academic Experience
2014-2015 Contra Costa College, Santa Rosa College
2007-2011 De Anza College, Ca___Е_____Ѕ█____тх__ada College, Diablo Valley College
Foothill College, Notre Dame de Namur University
2005-6 De Anza College
2004-2005 Graduate teaching assistance at University of California, Irvine
I have been a political activist (peaceful) in Iran and was arrested and spent seven years as a prisoner of conscience in Iran's prisons (1981-1989). I started reading philosophy in prisons and while I was never sure that one day I would be released from prison alive, I was determined that I would pursue philosophy if I had a second chance to live. And I had. So in 1993 I migrated to the US after being discharged from prison (1989) and started my education at UC Berkeley (BA), San Francisco State University (SFSU, MA), and UC Irvine (Phd incomplete).

I started teaching philosophy since 2006 at De Anza college, Foothill college, Canada College, Notre Dame de Namur University, Diablo Valley college, Contra Costa College, and at Santa Rosa Junior college.

During these years I have taught the following courses:
Critical Thinking, Intro to Logic, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Ethics, Comparative Religions, Social and Political philosophy, Modern philosophy, Theories of the good life, philosophy of Love, Law, Society, Morality (on criminal justice system), Imagination and Creativity, Existential philosophy.

Critical Thinking, Informal Logic, Moral and Political Philosophy, Epistemology and Metaphysics, Analytic Philosophy (Russell and Wittgenstein), Continental Philosophy (Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Sartre, Foucault), History of Philosophy (Ancient, Modern), Comparative Religions and Mysticisms (East / West).

Professional Involvement and Community Service
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ De Anza College Student Equity Project (active participant)
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ 6th Annual CAAAE (California Alliance of African American Educators) (certificate)
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ Mentorship for children with incarcerated parents, Oremi Mentoring Program, Family Support Services of the Bay Area, 2005 (Certificate)
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ Participation in the Positive Minds Group (PMG) for highly-at-risks youths, The Mentoring Center (TMC), 2005.
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ American Academy of Religion
Honors and Awards
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ Golden Key Honor Society (member)
___ЕЅ█А_К__Ѕ█А_К____Л______ын__хтхЅ█А_К__ Dorothy Stang Fellowship: Community Based Learning Mini-Grant, NDNU, January 2010.