Spring 2020

Section 4651 of COUN92
Introduction to Group Counseling -- : Jan 15 - May 13 2020

Section 7174 of AODS92
Pharmacological & Physiological Effects of Alcohol & Drugs -- : Jan 13 - May 11 2020

Fall 2019

Section 0602 of COUN53
College Survival Techniques -- : Aug 19 - Dec 11 2019
The above section is recommended for students that are in the HOPE Program or interested in any health related education/career pathways. (ie: Nursing, RadTech, Dental Hygiene, Mental Health, Advocacy, etc.) For additional information, please contact HOPE, or 707.524.1520.

Section 4317 of AODS91
Prevention and Education on Alcohol and Drugs -- : Aug 19 - Dec 09 2019

Summer 2019

Section 8486 of COUN390
Transition to College for First-Generation College Students -- : Jul 29 - Aug 01 2019
The above section is part of a one week intensive Summer Readiness Program for new students. The Summer Readiness Program is for potential EOPS students.

Master of Science at CSU Sacramento
Bachelor of Arts at CSU Sacramento

Academic Experience: 

High School Outreach Counselor in Sacramento for Luther Burbank High School, Grant High School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
High School Counselor at Woodland High School
Counselor at Yuba College (Woodland Campus)
Athletic Advisor/Counselor at Cosumnes River College 1993 - 97
Full - time Counselor at Santa Rosa Junior College since 1997
*Puente Coordinator/Counselor
*Co-Coordinator of Human Services Certificate/Degree
*ESL Counselor
*EOPS Counselor
*Learning Communities Instructor

Professional Areas of Interest: 

*Transfer and Higher Education issues related to all students especially those from non-traditional and first generation families
*Substance Abuse and family issues
*Human Services Preparation
*Parole and ex-felons services
*Immigrant services

Professional Involvement and Community Service: 

Member of Board for Sacramento Black Alcoholism Center(Sobriety Brings About Change-SBAC)
Member of American Counselors Association
Member of American Counselors Addictions and Offenders Association
Member of Board of Directors for Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Presentations and Publications: 

Presenter for Northern California Puente Regional Summit; UC Santa Cruz
Presenter Statewide Puente Counselors Summit; San Diego,CA
Presenter for Grant Union Hispanic Task Force Student Conference; Sacramento, CA