Fall 2021

Section 1553 of MATH150
Elementary Algebra -- : Aug 16 - Dec 08 2021
Lecture/class activities will occur during some of the scheduled class times and attendance is REQUIRED. Zoom attendance is required on Wednesdays from 9-10:30 AM. Classes/lectures are recorded and posted for only enrolled students to view. Access to specific technology or apps/software and use of Canvas are required. There will be four mandatory in-person exams/meetings on the Petaluma campus during the semester. The above section will meet in-person for test taking during the scheduled class time on the following dates: Monday Sept 13, Wednesday Oct 13, Monday Nov 15 and Wednesday Dec 15 (final exam). These dates are subject to change depending on the public health situation.

No office hours
B.A. Mathematics, U.C. Davis
M.A.T. Mathematics, U.C. Davis