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B.S. Marine Biology 1992 Sonoma State University

M.S. Marine Biology 1996 Sonoma State University

Psammolittoral marine tardigrada from Coleman Beach, Sonoma County CA

Academic Experience

Instructor: Marine Biology
Excel Program Summer 1994
Sonoma State University

Teaching Aid and Lab Instructor: Biology 117 Zoology
Spring Semester 1995
Sonoma State University

Presentations and Publications

Pollock, L.W. and A. Carranza. 2007. Tardigrada, pp. 293-296. In: The Light & Smith manual: intertidal invertebrates from central and northern California to Oregon. 4th ed. J.T. Carlton, ed. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Williams, S.L., A. Carranza, J. Kunzelman, K. Kuivila and S. Data. 2009. Effects of the Herbicide Diuron on Cordgrass (Spartina foliosa) Reflectance and Photosynthetic Parameters. Estuaries and Coasts: Volume 32, Issue 1 , Page 146.