Spring 2021

Section 7289 of PHARM155
Pharmacology -- : Jan 25 - May 17 2021

Section 7290 of PHARM156
Dispensing and Compounding -- : Jan 21 - May 20 2021

No office hours

University of San Francisco
Masters in Public Administration/Health Services Administration

Dow Medical College
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Dr. Ahmed Deen, MPA/HSA has a Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in Health Services Administration from the University of San Francisco. He has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, with honors in Pharmacology, Pathology and ENT from Dow Medical College. He is the Program Coordinator for the Pharmacy Technology Program. Varied experiences include Associate Editor for "Quick Index of Medical Preparations (QIMP Quarterly) for 11 years, Research Coordinator at the Carolina Cancer Center, Patient Services at the Jewish Free Clinic, Research Assistant at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weil-Cornell Medical Center, Deputy Medical Superintendent at Hashmani's Hospital, Product Manager at Efroze Pharmaceuticals and CT IV at Blood Centers of the Pacific.

* Dow Medical College Alumni
* Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan (PMDC)
* University of San Francisco Alumni

Career Achievements
* Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Health Services Administration

Community Service Highlights
* Jewish Free Clinic
* Patient Welfare Association

Academic Highlights
* Program Coordinator,Pharmacy Technology Program SRJC
* Advisory Committee, Pharmacy Technology Program SRJC
* Implementation Team, Training Center Pharmacy Technology
* Student Skills Success Development
* Management of Pharmacy Training Center
* Day Under the Oaks